Sunday, February 22, 2009

Miss H's Room

We decorated Miss H's room. She chose a very dark purple...I was a little nervous, but everyone has a color mistake now and again...its only paint! I warned her that she would have to live with it until she moves out of the house. She agreed, and we unleashed the paint supplies! Her room doesn't have an overhead light, (just an outlet on a switch) so we plugged in her favorite hanging lamp and centered it on the ceiling...which we pearl painted. We added her purple canopy over the bed, and purple sparkly curtains at the window. It is all balanced with white furniture. She traded her 4 poster canopy bed for Master G's old bed frame that we painted white. (We built Master G a platform will see it when we finish his room.) With the addition of white christmas lights around the perimeter, and a giant pink diamond bulletin board, it is complete. The bulletin board is satin fabric wrapped around square ceiling tiles from the hardware store. I stapled the fabric to the back and hung them by running a screw through the board in each corner into the wall. Then, we covered up the screw heads with glittery stickers. The closet is painted a very pale lavender...(oops paint! Love the stuff!). It turned out the be very cozy and theatrical...just like Miss H! She absolutely loves it. It has grown on me as well. One down...way too many to could take years!

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