Monday, March 14, 2011

Steampunk Decor

(See more of this divine Steampunk house...follow the link below.)

I've been enamored all my adult life with Victorian, Edwardian, Rococco, and Regency fashion, decor, manners, dances, & society. I also started accompanying my daughter to Anime conventions the last 3 years. I discovered the Steampunk genre at one of the conventions and have been smitten ever since. Think of Steampunk as Victorian fashion, ideals, and rose colored glasses romance meets technologically advanced science using steam power, time travel, cybernetics, etc. I'd like to share the links to some gorgeous homes and decor incorporating the Steampunk asthetic. Enjoy!

The Steampunk Home blog...a virtual visual treasury of Steampunk inspired decor.

I first saw This divine Steampunk home several years ago featured on an HGTV program. Its still my favorite. Here is another link to a tour of this house that includes an interview with the owner and explanations of some of the installations. (Its worth it to explore more of this guy's blog and see his amazing Steampunk bus and computer transformations. He's a very talented artisan.)

How about a Captain Nemo style den.

Flickr Steampunk Home of Steampunk decor and gadgets people have created.

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Lady Weaver said...

I adore steampunk!!! It's so lovely. I wish some brand would do a crossover of it and lolita. I think it'd be elegant and fun.

Thanks for sharing the links ;)