Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm here, really, I am!

Well, as its been a gazillion years since I've posted, here's an update. I've returned from the far side of the moon and thought I'd explain the reason for my absence....We've decided to lighten the load and are thoroughly weeding out stuff. This means scheduling several yard sales over the summer. We had our first one and it went well despite the HUGE neighborhood sale happening simultaneously a mile down the road. Then, Miss H and I sold some books at our home school association's annual book sale. We did marginally well due to the larger than normal vendor turnout. The next yard sales are slated for July 2 and early September. So, that's where I've been all this time. Sorting, pricing, cleaning, and boxing up stuff takes an enormous amount of time. As a result my studio is a disaster! Here's the proof.....So as a consolation, here's a teaser for my next project. Its already cut out and half put together! Check back in a week to see the finished product....despite the mess!

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